Based on Intelís BX & GX Chipset this system will help you kick your caffeine habit - no more trips to the coffee maker while you test render a scene. Carrera has designed a system that provides the most expandability for todayís non-linear cards and peripherals. As well as upgradability in the future. This system gives you cost effective processing power for Digital Content Creation, CAD, and Video Editing.

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Cabriolet 2 Specs
Board: Tyan, SuperMicro, Intel
CPU: Intel PIII or Xeon CPU
Single or Dual 450/733 MHz
Cache: 512 Kbytes L2 Cache
Memory: 64-2048 MB SDRAM
(x72 DIMMS)
Bus Speed: 100 or 133 MHz
Controller: U160/U2 Adaptec/Intraserver
Lan: 10/100, 1000, Myrinet, DEC
Graphics: 3DLabs, Leadteck, Elsa, Matrox, Diamond, Omnicomp, DEC
Slots: 4-6 PCI, 1-2 ISA
Cabriolet 2 Options
OS: Windows NT, LINUX
Chasis: Rack 4U/2U, Pedestal, Desktop, Tower, Server
Non-linear: NewTek ToasterNT,
DPS Velocity/HVR,
MAtrox DigiSuite Le/DTV/RT2000
Audio: Antex StudioAV, LynxOne, Creative Labs
Storage: RAID Inc, CMD RAID controllers
Warranty: 12-24 Month Off Site
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[ WinNT/ Linux]