Carrera Computers-Digital Domain Partnership Yields Spectacular "Titanic" Visual Effects

Laguna Hills, Calif., Jan. 05, 1998 -- The spectacular visual effects of the newly released feature film Titanic are at least partly the result of workstations and rendering solutions specifically developed for Digital Domain by Carrera Computers for this production. Earlier this year, Carrera Computers announced it's collaboration with visual effects studio Digital Domain to create a powerful rendering solution blending UNIX, Linux and Windows NT hardware with custom networking and software for upcoming projects including Titanic.

Scott Ross, Digital Domain CEO and president, said, "With Titanic, we undertook one of the most ambitious and complex projects in film history. We needed a partner who could quickly assemble a solution specific to our application needs and handle our cross-platform and networking issues. Because of their attentive follow-through, we actually consider Carrera to be more of a broadcast company than a hardware company. They worked 'round the clock to make the impossible possible. The results speak for themselves."

Digital Domain has 230 Carrera Alpha workstations installed at the studio, 160 of which were dedicated for rendering. Each system, running two separate operating systems, required complex networking, both in I/O and in administrative interoperability. The collaboration of Digital Domain and Carrera produced a render farm capable of 400 billion instructions per second, running optimized software on cross platforms and communicating with a common networking protocol, to ensure animation integrity.

Founded in 1990, Carrera Computers designs, manufactures and services high-powered custom solutions which are installed worldwide for graphics, scientific, engineering and other applications demanding the utmost computer power and speed. Carrera headquarters are at 23181 Verdugo Drive, Bldg.100, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 (800) 576-RISC,

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