Workstations From Carrera Computers Play Dual Role in "The Devil’s Advocate"

Laguna Hills, Calif., Nov. 24, 1997
Workstations from Carrera Computers, Inc., a leading provider of rendering, animation and non-linear editing (NLE) solutions serving the Hollywood entertainment market, played a key role in producing the graphic content for Warner Bros.' newly released feature film,The Devil’s Advocate, and they made a screen appearance as well.
Musette Buckley, Warner Bros.’ Vice President of Production Resources, said, "Having partnered with Carrera before, we were very familiar with the appearance of their systems. The company’s line of high-tech black workstations have exactly the sleek, powerful look we wanted for the offices of the omnipotent Manhattan law firm at the heart of the film."

While a dozen of Carrera's systems were in front of the cameras on location in New York City, 33 Carrera Alpha-based workstations were performing their more typical, behind-the-scenes role in California. From their studio in Santa Monica, California, designers at Digital Muse, a noted digital effects-based studio, were busy using the 33 Carrera Alphas in the production of computer graphics content for several of the movie’s scenes.

John Gross, managing partner of Digital Muse, said, "Carrera has been with us from the beginning, and we currently use them exclusively to design and service our high-throughput, custom NT-based solutions. Our relationship with Carrera is essential to meeting our clients’ expectations."

Founded in 1990, Carrera Computers designs, manufactures and services high-performance, custom solutions based on the fastest microprocessors in the world. Carrera's products are installed worldwide for graphics, scientific, engineering and other applications demanding the utmost computer power and speed.

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