Carrera’s SlimLine Industry’s Smallest, Most Powerful Rack-Mount Systems

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., Nov. 01, 1997 - Carrera Computers, innovator of systems widely used in the Hollywood entertainment industry as well as in server applications, introduces its SlimLine family of powerful, rack-mount systems housed in a 2U (1U=1.75 inches) footprint.  Computer graphics design studios and internet service providers alike can benefit from doubling their per-square-inch computing power using the Carrera SlimLine systems in standard 19-inch industrial rack-mounts.  Options include both Alpha-based and Intel dual Pentium II-based versions, all of which are affordable priced and approximately three inches high, or one-half the height of conventional rack-mount systems.

Rack-mount systems are typically used by computer graphic studios for rendering and by internet service providers for storing and transferring website pages and e-mail.

Ted Behrens, Carrera’s vice president of sales, noted "We expect a very positive response to the SlimLine family at Comdex. Being able to offer this much power in this size footprint is definitely singular among Alpha-based OEMs."

Rod Frye, Carrera’s founder and chairman, said, "The power-hungry applications we serve have an ongoing need to maximize power, speed and capacity. By developing the SlimLine family, a significant new direction for Carrera, we add real value, which we think will be very well received in the industry. No competitive offering comes even close to delivering SlimLine’s power-footprint ratio."

The SlimLine family includes the 533 Mhz Cobra SL, dual Pentium Pro Cabriolet and the 300 Mhz dual Pentium II. SlimLine models feature open architecture and are modular in design. Disk capacity ranges from 2GB minimum, upgradeable to 18GB; RAM from 64MB to 1GB. Systems support standard 10-100Mbit/sec. They accommodate standard add-in cards and include a 300W power supply, floppy and 12X CD-ROM slots. SlimLine systems are available now, and depending on model and configuration, prices start at less than $3,000.

Founded in 1990, Carrera Computers designs, manufactures and services high-powered custom solutions which are installed worldwide for graphics, scientific, engineering and other applications demanding the utmost computer power and speed. Carrera headquarters are at 23181 Verdugo Drive, Bldg.100, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 (800) 576-RISC,

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