Carrera Expands Visual Effects (VFX) Studiotm Line

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., Aug. 1, 1997 Industry’s First Alpha-Poweredtm D1 Quality, Windows NT, Non-Linear Editing System Carrera Computers, Inc., a leading provider of rendering, animation and non-linear editing (NLE) systems serving the Hollywood entertainment market, introduces the most powerful member of its visual effects product line.  The new Carrera Alpha VFX Studio is the industry's first Alpha-powered, D1 quality NLE solution utilizing Microsoft's NT operating system software.   The Alpha VFX Studio is the latest addition to the company's family of high-performance, Intel-based NLE systems.

Rod Frye, Carrera’s chairman and founder, said, "We worked very closely with visual effects professionals in a production environment to develop the Carrera Alpha VFX Studio. We wanted to ensure that this new solution would be a breakthrough product offering all the features available only on much more expensive systems. The result is the creative power of a $100,000-plus high performance editing and compositing solution, starting under $20,000."

Ken Stranahan, visual effects supervisor for Fox’s Sliders at Digital Muse in Santa Monica, says, "Collaborating with Carrera’s design team to create and implement the Alpha VFX Studio provided the high-end compositing solution we needed for the TV series." Lee Stranahan, filmmaker, added, "The Carrera Alpha VFX Studio is first rate and fast as blazes. Their knowledge of key NLE compositing hardware and software and their Windows NT expertise -- together with the priority they place on customer support -- make an unbeatable combination."

A key feature of the Alpha VFX is its ability to manipulate both audio and video content and to store 100 percent uncompressed images for flawless frame-by-frame and composite-after-composite quality. The Alpha VFX Studio uses striped Ultra SCSI disks to accomplish fast capture and playback of both audio and video. Another time-saving feature is the system’s automatic conversion of rendered files into formats such as TGA, IFF, PICT, SGI, RGB and YUV. The distinctive architecture of the Alpha VFX Studio allows the user to select 8- or 10-bit processing modes on a file-by-file basis. Included are standard video inputs and outputs, serial digital (D1), and component analog video (Betacam and UML/MII and UML). Composite and S-video outputs are also provided.

The new Carrera Alpha VFX Studio is available now, and prices begin at less than $20,000. This includes the system, software from Eyeon, three add-in cards, luminance processor (PCI), chrominance processor (PCI) and Genlock timing/serial D1 interface (ISA), either a 2D or 3D accelerator, 10,000 rpm 9GB drives (2), 500MHz Alpha CPU with 1MB cache, 128MHz RAM, Ultra SCSI 4GB disk and 10Mbit/sec Ethernet.

Alpha-Poweredtm is a registered trademark of Digital Semiconductor, a Digital Equipment Corporation business unit.

See attached addendum for NLE background and system specifications.

Non-Linear Editing
Non-linear means that the recording medium is not tape. It is often used to describe an editing environment where there is quick access to source clips and record space - usually disks. Additionally, the term implies that film can be assembled in any order from beginning to end, and changes can be made in the cut anywhere at any time. Non-linear editing in this way removes the spooling and pre-rolls of linear operations to greatly speed work. The term has also been widely used in association with off-line editing systems storing highly compressed pictures. Currently, the term has also carried with it the capability of the graphic artist to import, or "marry" photography with animation "on the fly." Non-compressed systems do not compromise picture quality, and have increasingly come into use in editing environments. The Carrera Alpha VFX Studiotm incorporates editing software which enables on-the-fly, non-sequential editing of audio together with uncompressed images.

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