Carrera Alpha-Based Systems Used to Render More than 800 Shots for "Casper Meets Wendy" Los Angeles, Calif., 07/08/98

Carrera Computers Bundles
NewTek's Lightwave 5.5 into Systems
Los Angeles, Calif., 02/10/98

Carrera Computers-Digital Domain Partnership Yields Spectacular "Titanic" Visual Effects Los Angeles, Calif., 01/05/98

Workstations From Carrera Computers Play Dual Role in "The Devil’s Advocate" Los Angeles, Calif., 11/24/97

Carrera’s SlimLine - Industry’s Smallest, Most Powerful Rack-Mount Systems Los Angeles, Calif., 08/21/97

Carrera Computers Plays Key Role In "Casper" Production Los Angeles, Calif., 10/21/97

Carrera Expands Visual Effects (VFX) StudioTM Line
Industry’s First Alpha-PoweredTM, D1 Quality, Windows NT, Non-Linear Editing System
Laguna Hills, Calif., 08/01/97

Carrera Announces New 600MHz Workstation Los Angeles, Calif., 08/05/97

Carrera Computers Teams with Digital Domain To Create Powerful New Super Computer Center Laguna Hills, Calif., 06/29/97